Training and facilitation


We recognise the benefits of engaging with staff, suppliers, customers, investors and other key stakeholders, to educate and motivate them to support your ambition on carbon and sustainability.

We provide you with a range of engaging training, e-learning, and other tools to bring people on board and help them buy in to the role they can play in net zero and wider sustainability, and importantly, how to do it.

We have expertise and experience in developing and delivering in-house training and workshop facilitation on all ESG and sustainability issues, and will work with you to plan what will be most effective. We have delivered training for a range of large public and private companies, public sector organisations such as NHS England, and all 32 of London’s local councils. Specific modules include:

  • Introduction to Sustainability and ESG (Environment, Social and Governance)
  • Introduction to carbon and climate change
  • Carbon and buildings – existing buildings, refurbishments and new developments
  • Carbon and power – fuel source, metering, data and informed decision-making
  • Carbon, waste and the circular economy
  • Carbon, sustainable procurement and your supply chain (Tackling Scope 3 Carbon emissions)
  • Green recovery and sustainable economy
  • Carbon accounting
  • Carbon reporting, the CSRD, TCFD and the SFDR: (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, Taskforce on Climate Related Financial Disclosures, Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations)
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